A selection of offerings from the Watchums Kickstarter

What in the world?

It’s been a long road to bring the world of Watchums to life. Learn more about the story, our Kickstarter and more.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Watchums!

What in the world is a Watchum? A Watchum can be so many things, but its main purpose is to provide a sense of comfort for your child, and to help give them the courage to do things they might otherwise be afraid of.

With the Watchum series, our goal is to help children conquer big milestones such as sleeping through the night in their own bed, losing their first tooth, going to get their first haircut, and more. Thus, this is the first of (hopefully) many books to come.

An illustration of a child and Watchum in bed

Sweet dreams

With their book and Watchum stuffy in hand, we are confident you and your child will get a better night’s rest

A child hugging a Watchum stuffy

Made with love

Our 14″ Watchum stuffies were made to be supremely huggable, and are safety certified for ages 0+

An illustration of the Watchum hatching from an egg

New best friend

Reading What in the World is a Watchum? and hatching your Watchum is a truly interactive experience forming an immediate bond between the Watchum and your child